qickyly change 3D matrix to 2D matrix

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Hi, This might be such a silly question but could anyone please help? I get a 3D matrix A(n,m,k) so I want to take the value a(:,1)=A(1,1,:). But Matlab doesn't allow me to do that. Is using "for" loop the only way to do that?

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 16 Feb 2017
Edited: Roger Stafford on 16 Feb 2017
You could accomplish that with:
a = reshape(permute(A,[3,1,2]),size(A,3),[]);
[Note: You really haven’t specified how the first two dimensions in A should be arranged in the single second dimension of a. Here I have taken the default arrangement.]

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Rahul Kalampattel
Rahul Kalampattel on 16 Feb 2017
For the example you gave, the following also works:

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