Can you get residuals from anova1 stats?

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Frank Hansper
Frank Hansper on 2 Mar 2017
Hey forum
Im doing statistics on a sample to test if gender have an effect on beer consumption etc.
I use anova1:
[p1,tbl,stats] = anova1(beer,sex,'off');
Now im asked to plot the residuals of this sample in a qq-plot. My advisor said that I could get the residuals from stats, but I havn't succeded in doing so. Is there something I miss?

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Ankita Nargundkar
Ankita Nargundkar on 9 Mar 2017
As far as my understanding goes residual is the difference between the observed values, and the expected values of a particular quantity. The expected values of that quantity can be any statistical measure - but in this case are the sample means.
Now, the stats output parameter will give the means field. This is the mean of each of the observed quantities.You can subtract the observations and the stats.means
Here is an useful link

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