Execute mathcad from Matlab

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Thomas on 4 Mar 2017
Edited: Walter Roberson on 10 Aug 2021
We want to open, change variable and run a mathcad sheet from Matlab.
Is that possible and already exist ?.
Kevin Merene
Kevin Merene on 7 Jul 2021
If I wanted to get the values of an entire array rather than just a lone integer, how would I do so?

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Kapil Gupta
Kapil Gupta on 8 Jul 2021
I assume you want to know how you can execute mathcad from MATLAB. The following links have similar queries, you can check these out:
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Brian Godfrey
Brian Godfrey on 10 Aug 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 10 Aug 2021
I am having an issue with MATLAB 2020a interfacing with Mathcad prime 7
I tried using your first link but I ran into an issue when trying to open a file
>> h = actxserver('Mathcad.Application')
h =
>> h.invoke
Quit = void Quit(handle, Variant(Optional))
CloseAll = void CloseAll(handle, Variant(Optional))
SetOption = void SetOption(handle, MCAppOption, Variant)
GetOption = Variant GetOption(handle, MCAppOption)
GetStringProperty = ustring GetStringProperty(handle, ustring)
GetIntProperty = int32 GetIntProperty(handle, ustring)
>> h.methods
Methods for class COM.Mathcad_Application:
CloseAll Quit delete interfaces propedit set
GetIntProperty SetOption deleteproperty invoke release
GetOption addproperty events load save
GetStringProperty constructorargs get move send
>> h.worksheet.invoke
Add = handle Add(handle)
Item = handle Item(handle, Variant(Optional))
Open = handle Open(handle, ustring)
Remove = void Remove(handle, Variant)
AddFromTemplate = handle AddFromTemplate(handle, ustring)
>> h.worksheet.methods
Methods for class Interface.CF1EB3FD_6EAB_4D71_8A1B_247F85CD2F66:
Add Open delete get release
AddFromTemplate Remove deleteproperty invoke saveobj
Item addproperty events loadobj set
>> h.worksheet.Open([pwd,'\NewDesignInputs.mcdx'])
Error using Interface.CF1EB3FD_6EAB_4D71_8A1B_247F85CD2F66/Open
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception:
Description: Failed to open document.
any help would be greatly appreciated

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