Problem with ActiveX and Autofilter

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Alexander Bartler
Alexander Bartler on 7 Mar 2017
Hello, I'm currently trying to generate an Excel-file with an autofilter. Therefore I'm using the following code.
%Open ActiveX
e = actxserver('Excel.Application');
ewb = e.Workbooks.Open(fullFileNameSave);
sheetNumber = 1;
%Selecting worksheet and apply freezePanes
nS.Application.ActiveWindow.SplitRow = 1;
nS.Application.ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = true;
nR = nS.Range('A1:D1');
The code is running without any errors. But when I'm trying to apply a sorting rule in this Excel file Excel is hanging-up and I have to kill the process.
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards, Alex

Answers (1)

Ankita Nargundkar
Ankita Nargundkar on 9 Mar 2017
1. Since the excel file is generated successfully it may be that the issue is not with MATLAB but with Excel sheet. Check if your version of Excel you have is supported by MATLAB
2. Try the sample example from this link and use Autofilter ans apply sorting rule on the excel file that is generated. See if you get similar issue
3. You may also contact MathWorks technical support if you strongly feel that the issue from the MATLAB's side

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