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Etienne on 8 Mar 2017
Answered: Gillian Rosen on 14 Mar 2017
Hi All
I am currently generating a dll from a Simulink model and would like to automatically populate some of the settings so that I do not have to fill it in every time when I do this build on a different Simulink model. How can I get the settings from the current model and save this for use in future models. Also, how can I then build from the command line using these settings, rather than opening the GUI every time?
Thanks in advance

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Gillian Rosen
Gillian Rosen on 14 Mar 2017
Hi Etienne, 
I understand that you are generating DLLs from various Simulink models, and you would like to pre-populate the configuration parameters for each of these models to match your current model's settings. You would also like to know how to build models from the command line.
For sharing configuration parameters between models, you can use Configuration References. This option lets you specify a set of configuration parameters that you can use in multiple models without re-specifying the whole set each time. The following example will show you how to convert your current model's configuration parameters into a configuration reference that can be shared:
For building your model from the command line, you can use the 'rtwbuild' command, as shown: 
>> rtwbuild('myModelName')
See the following documentation link for more information: 


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