how to link thingspeak to matlab gui data

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my project is doing image processing , after process has come out the value ,my lecturer advice me link the matlab data to android phone, my team member found thingspeak will help on this path ,mean gui show the value and save to thingspeak after that get the data from thingspeak trasfer to MIT but i face problem is how to upload the data to thingspeak can anyone help me thank you
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Subin Kuttappan Stellal Mary
Do you wish to upload data to ThingSpeak from your Android phone, or from MATLAB running in your computer?

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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 4 Apr 2017
To send data to ThingSpeak from desktop MATLAB, you need to have the ThingSpeak Support Toolbox installed ( ).
Once you have the toolbox, you use the "thingSpeakWrite" function directly in MATLAB.
This code sends data (2.3,1.2,3.2,0.1) to a ThingSpeak channel (17504). In your case, you would have your own channel and your own WriteKey. If you have a MathWorks account, you can sign into ThingSpeak without signing up.
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Sharath Cherian Thomas
Sharath Cherian Thomas on 3 Sep 2019
Tried this and worked on matlab but once I package the app made with >>guide, it doesn't work when I install elsewhere. The app is supposed to take in data from thingspeak and plot on the app. When I run the code it works properly but on app it doesn't.

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