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How can I solve a VideoReader error on ubuntu linux?

Asked by Nicolas Cuellar on 4 Apr 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Asya
on 6 Apr 2017
I am using Matlab 2017a on ubuntu linux 16 to read a video (mp4) but the VideoReader function gives me an error
Error using VideoReader/init (line 607) The filename specified was not found in the MATLAB path.
Error in VideoReader (line 172) obj.init(fileName);
the code I am using is:
I read it could be a problem with gstreamer, when I run the command dpkg -l | grep gstreamer on the console I get answers for both gstreamer 1.0 and 0.10 installed
Thank you


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1 Answer

Answer by Spencer Chen on 4 Apr 2017

Can you test to see if your filename can be found from Matlab using the "exist" function?


thanks for the quick answer. when I use the exist function it shows:
ans =
And I am pretty sure the file is there, actually if I use the command
it shows :
. .. vigi_prueba
Is there a problem finding the file?
I'm having the same problem and would appreciate help. thank you.

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