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How to use code generated function ?

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RuiQi on 5 Apr 2017
Commented: vcmorini on 2 Aug 2017
I wanted to use the watershed transformation in my visual studio c++ application so I managed to use codegen to generate the c++ code for watershed. It simply is the following code below
function label = segment_watershed(image) %#codegen
label = watershed(image);
The problem is that I got a lot of files after the codegen is completed and I am now unsure how I can call the segment_watershed function. There is an example folder with main.cpp and main.h files in it but when I used them in visual studio I get the following error saying that "libmwimregionalmax.h" cannot be found. I can only find libmwimregionalmax.dll.
Would anyone kindly please guide me on how I can do this ? There are no tutorials on this on MATLAB.
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vcmorini on 2 Aug 2017
I have the same doubt, RuiQi.

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