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Single variable changing in App

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Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson on 6 Apr 2017
Answered: Randy Acheson on 10 Apr 2017
I would like to create an app that allows me to chance a single value in a equation and the display that answer to the equation as I change that value. I was thinking a drop down list/knob/ or slider. But I cannot seem to grasp how to use the app editor to do this.

Answers (1)

Randy Acheson
Randy Acheson on 10 Apr 2017
There are many examples and tutorials for App Designer available in the MATLAB documentation.
Here is a quick video tutorial explaining the main features of App Designer:
Here is a tutorial on how to create an example application:
Here are several examples of how to implement specific App Designer features:
Note: App Designer is only available starting in version R2016a. For earlier releases of MATLAB, you can find tutorials and examples on the older app creation tool, GUIDE, in the MATLAB documentation.


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