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How to activate the code in a callback from a push button in one GUI from another pushbutton from the other GUI?

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Basically, I am doing a delete confirmation pop-up window (not menu uicontrol) when another GUI's delete push button is pressed. What I want is for when the delete button on the regular GUI is pressed, another delete confirmation window is popped up( I understand how to get the pop up window to show up). With that GUI, if the delete pushbutton is clicked, then I want the code to run for the callback for the delete button of the original GUI.

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Sindhu Priya
Sindhu Priya on 21 Apr 2017
Edited: Sindhu Priya on 21 Apr 2017
Hi Jacob,
As you are trying to give a pop-up when delete button is pushed, the callback function of the delete button would have been set to creating the pop-up. So, as far as I understand, calling the delete button callback from the pop-up menu will cause a recursive call.
I am posting a relevant example. Please have a look at the following code snippet.
function choice = choosedialog
d = figure('Position',[300 300 250 150],'Name','Select One');
popup = uicontrol('Parent',d,...
'Position',[75 70 100 25],...
% Wait for d to close before running to completion
function popup_callback(popup,event)
choice = questdlg('Would you like to delete ?', ...
% Handle response
switch choice
case 'Yes'
disp([choice ' choosen.'])
case 'No'
disp([choice ' choosen.'])
Hope this answers your query.


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