Download bit file to Zynq from HDL Coder

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I am working with HDL Coder. How can I deploy a previously generated bitfile to my ZC706 once I have generated the code using HDL Coder. For some reason it seems like I need to rebuild the bitstream in the HDL Coder Workflow in order to re-deploy the bitfile. Can you help with this?
For instance, I power cycle the Zynq board edit my ARM code and then want to redeploy the same bitfile to the Zynq chip.

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Tao Jia
Tao Jia on 5 May 2017
Edited: Tao Jia on 5 May 2017
If you know the location of your FPGA programming file, you can always use Vivado to program the FPGA. Also, there is a MATLAB utility function that can do this - run "help filProgramFPGA" in MATLAB to check it out.
Hope this helps, Tao
zhouwb02 on 8 Jan 2021
From the filProgramFPGA help,
programs Xilinx FPGA at JTAG chain position CHAINPOSITION using the
programming file PROGRAMFILE and Xilinx Vivado tool.
How to define the CHAINPOSITION value?

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