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how to use simulink with modelsim, when ipcore is involved?

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I read after , and it works fine when there's only basic verilog grammer involved.
But when I try to use simulink and modelsim to cosimulate, when there's Xilinx Ipcore in the verilog file, the "Simulation Options" step fails always.
if true
The HDL simulator launching has failed with the following log message:if { [catch {vsimulink top -t 1ns -novopt } errmsg] } {
echo "Loading simulation and HDL Verifier library failed.";
echo $errmsg;
I wonder how I could fix this problem?

Answers (1)

Tao Jia
Tao Jia on 7 Jul 2017
The issue is that you'll need to compile the xilinx simulation library first. Then refer to those libraries in your compilation script before you can start cosimulation. Xilinx has some material on how to compile the simulation library, e.g.,

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