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Peak detection not detecting any peaks

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isra on 22 May 2017
Commented: isra on 26 May 2017
I'm trying to find peaks in an ECG signal, I normalized it and tried to detect the peaks above multiple thresholds, but it seams that it only detects low peaks and not high peaks. Here is a picture of a sample signal window with the threshold set to 0.6
and here is it with the threshold set to 0.2
It seems like the highest threshold that I can put is 0.2, anything above is not detectable. Here is my findpeaks call:
[~,locs] = findpeaks(v,'MinPeakHeight',resp2);
where resp2 is the threshold (0-1) values. When no peaks are detected, I get the following warning:
if true
Warning: Invalid MinPeakHeight. There are no data points greater than MinPeakHeight.
> In findpeaks>removePeaksBelowMinPeakHeight (line 373)
In findpeaks (line 139)
In autodetection3 (line 39)

Answers (1)

David Ding
David Ding on 25 May 2017
Hi Isra,
Please check the raw data to ensure that the peaks near 1 is actually present in the data series. If so, you may try to have "findpeaks" detect these points by calling:
findpeaks(v, 'Threshold', 0.5);
This will only detect the highest points as they are at least 0.5 above their neighboring samples.
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isra on 26 May 2017
Hi david I've checked the data, and I already normalize every segment of data before applying peak detection on it. I found peaks at 0.9 amplitude but for some reason they are not detected. I also tried what you suggested and I got no peaks detected even with very low thresholds. Here is how I called the function.
[Pks,locs]= findpeaks(v, 'threshold', 0.5)

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