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Can I run a feval function in Simulink Target for Automation Studio (B&R)?

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Hi! I want to run a feval function in a function block in Simulink, using B&R target. Is it possible? Because I received this error: "The extrinsic function 'feval' is not available for standalone code generation. It must be eliminated for stand-alone code to be generated."
Edit: I want the output of the function to be the result of the feval. Thank you very much!

Accepted Answer

David Ding
David Ding on 25 May 2017
Hi Celia,
Unfortunately, this is not possible. The "feval" command is a front end function to MATLAB.
This is not supported as this would involve generating C code from a MATLAB function which calls MEX files. Since the MEX files are binaries, it is not possible to generate C code from a binary file.

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