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How to optimize active power in VSC-HVDC which is parallel with HVAC line. How can I make objective function and what constraints?

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Muhammad Akhter
Muhammad Akhter on 23 May 2017
Edited: Arifur Rahman on 5 Jul 2017
I want to optimize the active power in VSC-based HVDC transmission system, which is in parallel to AC line. How can I formulate objective function and constraints?


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Nakul on 30 May 2017
The objective function in the system can be losses. For that you need to account for the converter loss into the model. The constraints can be modulation index /DC link voltage in converter side and AC bus voltage and active power flow in different lines on the AC side.

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Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman on 5 Jul 2017
|I have an objective function for minimizing loss in converter...which is a+b.Ic+c.Ic^2....I have to optimize with linear optimization...Could u help me that what should be constraints for this objective function?

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