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Logistic Function Transform of vector values

Asked by Oddur Bjarnason on 11 Jul 2017
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on 16 Aug 2018
I need to transform the elements of a vector by a logistic function into a vector with elements with values between 0 and 1. I have tried:
S1=(1/(1 + exp(1).^(-1*Stemp)))
S1 and Stemp are vectors containing the same elements.
But get the error message:
Error in Fuzzylogic_cognitive_map (line 13) S1=(1/(1 + exp(1).^(-1*Stemp)))

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or simply (with Grzegorz correction) S1=(1./(1 + exp(-Stemp)))

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1 Answer

Answer by Grzegorz Knor on 11 Jul 2017
 Accepted Answer

Matrix dimensions must agree. Add dot before division ( / ):
S1=(1./(1 + exp(1).^(-1*Stemp)))


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