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Simulink standalone executable

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With Simulink Coder and using the "rsim" target (rapid simulation) it is possible to produce an executable file. Is it possible to distribute this executable for people who don't have Matlab/Simulink ? I tried to install MCR for running this file but it does not seem to be enough.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 9 Apr 2012
I don't think the RSIM target is meant to be deployed onto machines that do not have MATLAB/Simulink installed. AFAIK, tt is meant for rapid-prototyping on the same machine where Simulink runtime libraries are present. You can use the GRT/ERT targets to generate a standalone executable that can run without MATLAB/Simulink.
The MCR (MATLAB Compiler Runtime) is needed only for binaries produced by MATLAB Compiler/Builder products. However, Simulink is not supported for deployment using these products - it is meant only for MATLAB code.

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