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i want to select elliptical region of various sizes by varying a and b in an image.Can anyone please suggest the algorithm by using imcrop.

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I want to develop a program in which an image is taken as input. Then elliptical regions are selected by varying a and b.


John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 25 Jul 2017
Why would imcrop be the tool to use here, allowing you to crop an elliptical region? imcrop uses a rectangular crop. There are no alternatives in imcrop to let you use a general elliptical region. You will need to write your own crop tool.
But first, you need to decide what it means to crop an image to an elliptical region, since this makes no sense at all. A cropped image is still an image. An image is a rectangular array of pixels. So an elliptical region means you MUST decide what happens to the pixels that lie outside of the ellipse. Until you do that, cropping to an ellipse makes no sense.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Jul 2017
See my attached ellipse demos. Probably mask_multiple_ellipses.m is what you want.

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anmol maharana
anmol maharana on 25 Jul 2017
i have an image suppose cameraman. i want to write a program in which elliptical region of various shapes of that image can get cropped when i vary the major axis and minor axis. it means i want to develop a function which upon calling will give various cropped subimages of elliptical shape

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