How to copy figure settings using the drop down menus in Figure?

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I have carefully edited a complex figure using the drop down menu in the Figure panel, Edit/Figure Properties and Edit/Axes Properties:
How can I use the Edit dropdown menu now to Save these settings and apply them to other figures? The instructions on the relevant Mathworks webpage ( didn't work for me. Has anyone used the "export" and "save" functions on one figure and got them to export and apply to another figure?
Any help would be appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Michael L
Michael L on 3 Aug 2017
File > Generate Code
That should do the trick for you!
Stephen on 4 Aug 2017
OK, I finally resolved the problem. I was trying to clone a ribbon plot that had >150 "ribbons" (X Y Z data) and thus was getting hundreds of comment lines and instructions on how to handle each separate "ribbon". By scrolling to the end, I found the key lines of the script:
set(axes, yada yada yada...)
and was able to copy/paste that on to my original script to get what I needed.

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