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How can I stop execution of a live script?

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How can I stop execution when running a single section of a live script? CTRL+C in the command window does not seem to work, the only option seems to kill the Matlab process.
[EDIT] This issue seems to be solved in matlab version 2018a.

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Sonia Joy
Sonia Joy on 27 Aug 2018
Try the 'return' key. It just worked for me.

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Baptiste Ottino
Baptiste Ottino on 9 Aug 2017
Edited: Baptiste Ottino on 9 Aug 2017
The function that the live editor uses to exectute a livescript is the following:
Note that filePath is the full path to the mlx file, otherwise it will return an error. If you run it in the command window, you can then interrupt the execution of the live script by using Ctrl + C, as usual. If you find the feature useful, you can program a shortcut script for it.
However, executeAndSave, as the name suggests, not only executes the mlx file, but also saves the resulting code output and figures, meaning that interrupting it can cause some unexpected errors (I have encountered one during my few minutes of testing, so they must be quite frequent), and you have to close the Matlab process entirely. Which is why I suppose the feature to interrupt live script execution wasn't added in the first place.
This answer probably won't solve your issue, but you are now at least more aware of the latent reason for it. Good luck!


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