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How to get the trained weights and bias in nntool after training?

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Tousif Ahmed
Tousif Ahmed on 9 Aug 2017
Commented: Tousif Ahmed on 9 Aug 2017
I have a matlab code in which i am using HOG features extracted inputs for training and testing and i am using nntool but i am unable to get the complete weights and bias after the inputs are trained in the nntool. Can anyone help me with that please?


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Baptiste Ottino
Baptiste Ottino on 9 Aug 2017
OK, if you want to use the GUI nntool app, you have two ways of getting the weights:
  • Graphically. In the nntool menu, select your network (under 'Networks') and click 'Open'. Go to the tab 'View/Edit weights'. You can then copy/paste your weights.
  • Through the workspace. In nntool, click 'Export' and select your network. Then, from the command window, you can access your weights by calling the appropriate methods of the network object you created:
>> yourNetwork.iw{1,1}
>> yourNetwork.b{1}
>> yourNetwork.iw{2,1}
>> yourNetwork.b{2}
Returns the weights in the first (iw{1,1}) and second (iw{2,1}) layers, and the biases in the first (b{1}) and second(b{2}) layers. Good luck!


Tousif Ahmed
Tousif Ahmed on 9 Aug 2017
I don't want to add my weights. The neural network is getting trained using nprtool. I am getting 88% accuracy after training and testing. Thing is I need to know the trained weights and bias value.

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