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clearing an instance of a structure variable

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PN on 24 Jan 2011
I was wondering whether it is possible to clear an instance on a structure variable, as in the following example.
a = struct('name',0,'age'',0)
a(1) = struct('name','jack','age',20);
a(2) = struct('name','fred','age',28);
So my question would be: is there a way to clear either a(1), for instance, such that the final length of 'a' becomes 1, instead of 2?

Accepted Answer

Kenneth Eaton
Kenneth Eaton on 24 Jan 2011
You can remove an element from a structure array the same way you can remove an element from any other type of array:
a(1) = []; % Set the first element to empty
a = a(2); % Index the second element and reassign it to a



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