Is it possible to use sound(y,Fs) with MATLAB on iPad?

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When i write:
load handel;
on my iPad i get a Warning: Unable to play audio because no audio outputs where found.
Is there any way to play audio with the iPad speakers?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Sep 2017
You could use Simulink to create a model that used an iOS audio playback block, and you could Deploy that to the iPAD.

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Ben Drebing
Ben Drebing on 13 Sep 2017
Unfortunately, MATLAB mobile does not support audio.
The reason for this is that the MATLAB Mobile application sends all commands to the cloud or to your computer for evaluation. So, commands will be executed on your PC or MATLAB cloud and the result will be sent back to MATLAB mobile. If you connected your MATLAB mobile to your Computer, the sound would be played on your Computer, and if you connected it to Cloud, you would receive the same error message as MATLAB cloud does not have any audio outputs.


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