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Speed up 1D spline interpolation on matrix

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T on 13 Sep 2017
Edited: Matt J on 14 Sep 2017
I have a NxM matrix named data and I need to spline interpolate each row of my matrix according to:
for k=1:size(data,1)
data(k,:)=spline( x , data(k,:).', x + shift(k,:).' );
where x is the original monotonously increasing spacing of each row. And the NxM matrix shift is the row- and column-dependent shift that I want to apply to each sample.
Is there a way to speed this up further? I found a lot of functions that claim a speed improvement of x10 for linear interpolation. Anything I can do for spline?

Answers (1)

Matt J
Matt J on 13 Sep 2017
Edited: Matt J on 14 Sep 2017
It might help to pose it as a 2D interpolation,
uu= x+shift.';
data=reshape( F([uu(:),vv(:)]), m,n) ;


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