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Which number for Rician Fading's parameters of Simulink?

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Hello, I would like to know which number I have to put on Rician Fading's parameters of the block of Simulink. I try to simulate a VLC system with PAM modulation and Manchester and channel encodings. In particular the parameters are: - k_factor -Doppler shift of LoS component -Initial phase of LoS component -maximum diffuse Doppler shift - Doppler spectrum type (distribution) - Discrete dalay vectors - Average path gain vector

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David Ding
David Ding on 25 Sep 2017
Hi Marina,
I am assuming you are talking about the "Multipath Rician Fading Channel" block in Simulink. I see that you are wondering the proper parameter values to input into this block. the numbers would likely depend on your application. In any case, these numbers would come from field measurements. For more detailed descriptions of these fields, please see:

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