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Workspace variable statistics don't work

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Panos on 2 Oct 2017
Commented: Adam on 21 Nov 2017
I have just upgraded to R2017b and I've noticed that the columns in the Workspace panel don't display anything (except Value, Range, Size, Bytes, Class). Is there a setting that I should change so that I can see the statistics for my variables?
Thanks, Panos


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Panos on 2 Oct 2017
@Kian I've already done that but there is no relevant field for my problem. Do you have the same problem? It's not clear from the image you posted.
Rik on 3 Oct 2017
In the preferences you can modify the maximum size of variables analyzed and whether or not NaNs should be considered in calculation. Changing either or both does not result in the statistics being calculated for a=1:10;, so clearly there is something wrong here.
Panos on 4 Oct 2017
How can we notify Matlab staff about this issue?

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Accepted Answer

Chandani Madnani
Chandani Madnani on 4 Oct 2017
This bug has been fixed in this patch:


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 17 Nov 2017
I believe what Chandani meant is that the bug has been captured in this Bug Report entry.
According to the Bug Reports FAQ you can add this bug to your watch list by clicking on the check mark next to it. Once you've added the bug to your watch list "You can then set your e-mail preferences for the Watch Bugs list to get e-mail notifications when updates are available."
I have not tried this myself but I believe the bug report gets updated, and users watching it are notified, when a release comes out in which the bug is fixed. [It may also be updated when the developers responsible for that issue have additional information, workarounds, patches, etc.]
Adam on 21 Nov 2017
Hmm, I can't click the check mark, or rather it does nothing when I do. Seems to be the case for all bugs too. Maybe it's a bug :)
Adam on 21 Nov 2017
Ah, ok, when I 'zoomed out' to the wider bugs list that included it the check mark does work.

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