How to create dialog boxes to select the file and display output ?

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sandeep on 20 Mar 2011
Hello all, I am trying to create a standalone application which opens dialog boxes to select the values and displays output. when I am trying to create dialog boxes using the following code, I am getting errors.
function trial8
prompt1={'Enter input file name (without extension [.mat]): '};
fname1 = inputdlg(prompt1); prompt2=('choose spanning window 9 or 11 (without extension [.mat]):');
[row,col] = size(NUM);
I want the dialog box to ask for the file selction and display the corresponding output. Can anyone please help me out. Regards,

Accepted Answer

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 20 Mar 2011
You got the line wrong
You ask the user for the name of the file so you should use that input
[NUM,TXT,RAW]=xlsread([char(fname1) '.csv'])
sandeep on 21 Mar 2011
Sorry for the above comment.
Thanks a lot for the reply. I have used str2num and it is working good.

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