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fitnlm : Getting back error terms for simulations

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Dear Colleagues,
Does someone know how to obtain the error parameters after a fit using fitnlm. I can't find the ErrorParameters field when using fitnlm ( contrary to using nlfit).
I'm trying to use a combined error model and I'm interested in the a b coeficients [a,b] for simulations.
Many thanks,

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David Ding
David Ding on 19 Oct 2017
Hi Andres,
I see that you are looking for information regarding error parameters when trying to fit to a model using "fitnlm".
After reviewing the main differences between "fitnlm" and "nlfit" functions, both functions have information regarding error parameters in the output. It is just that the format of the output is different. Since "fitnlm" function returns a model, the error parameters are stored as properties of the output model. Since "nlfit" returns a vector of estimate coefficients, the error parameters can be returned directly as one of the outputs.
To see how to extract error and coefficient information from the fitted model using "fitnlm", please check out the example "Nonlinear Model from Table" from the "fitnlm" function:


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