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timedelaynet with multiple hidden layers?

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Magnus Hansson
Magnus Hansson on 17 Oct 2017
Answered: syaffa amir on 15 Jan 2018
I want to build a timedelaynet with multiple hidden layers and I want to adjust the hyperparameters myself. I have used the GUI and exported the advanced matlab file in order to adjust it, but it doesn't seem to work.
For example, looking at his page there is one set of layers to use: but when I google deep RNN matlab because I couldn't find it in the list I found this page:
This all seems very confusing. Where can I find a complete documentation that is not fragmented?
Thanks again for the help!

Answers (2)

David Ding
David Ding on 19 Oct 2017
Dear Magnus,
I understand that you are looking for some guidance to adjust the hyperparameters of the multiple hidden layers in a "timedelaynet". We have a very comprehensive documentation on the "timedelaynet" function:
Which I believe will help you with the design of "timedelaynet".
Please follow the example shown on the doc page for "timedelaynet" to gain a better understanding of the suggested workflow.
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Magnus Hansson
Magnus Hansson on 20 Oct 2017
Thank you for the answer, however the exampele shows a 1-hidden-layer network and I want to build networks with multiple hidden layers.
KD Magnus

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syaffa amir
syaffa amir on 15 Jan 2018
Hi magnus,
you can try this
net = timedelaynet(1:2,[10,10]);


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