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I was working on Matlab R2015a's Classification Learner Toolbox. I successfully imported the file data and export it using Export Model, and i got a structure named trainedClassifier. But while running its showing the following error

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matlab code clc; clear all; close all; a= readtable('input.csv'); height = [167; 152; 150; 159; 275; 285; 200; 253]; T =height; yfit = predict(trainedClassifier, T{:,trainedClassifier.PredictorNames})
error Undefined function or variable 'trainedClassifier'.
Error in check (line 7) yfit = predict(trainedClassifier, T{:,trainedClassifier.PredictorNames})

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ceethal piyus
ceethal piyus on 24 Oct 2017
Someone, please help me...I'm working on an EEG classifier based project for that this Classification Learner Toolbox will be a great help, but I got stuck in the very beginning...

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 24 Oct 2017
trainedClassifier is not in your workspace because you have a clear all at the beginning of the script which is clearing it.
I would recommend saving it after exporting and then loading in the script
Export from app.
save trainedClassifier.mat trainedClassifier
In script
load trainedClassifier.mat

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