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How can I solve PDE (Partial differential equation)?

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I need to solve this partial differential equation:
on a square 0<p<1, 0<q<1, with random initial data p,q. How can I do? Could someone help me please? I want to plot the solution for any initial data and find the difference beetween them. Thank you very much

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David Ding
David Ding on 1 Nov 2017
Hi Emrys,
You may find the " pdepe " function in MATLAB useful for your application here. The equation that you wanted to solve falls under equation (1-3) of the "pdepe" function doc page for Initial-Value problems, but for your case a lot of the terms in the general equation is 0, as you have a simple PDE.
You may take a look at Example 1 of the page as the setup is similar to what you wish to achieve.
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Emrys on 3 Nov 2017
Hi Mr Ding. I tried to use pdepe for my problem woth no success. My problem is define each variable that pdepe asks with my condition. Could you show me the way? Sorry but I'm not so practical

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