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How do I change the position reference values in the asbQuadcopter project for Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrones?

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Jon Del olmo
Jon Del olmo on 2 Nov 2017
Commented: Mahmoud Elbeltagy on 19 Dec 2020
The asbQuadcopter example model set the reference value for z position in -1.1m. In the simulation mode, the references can be changed in various ways (signal builder, input mat file, input xls file,...).
But when the control model is deployed the reference position is always the same and the flight runs for a fixed time (as stated here ). It seems that in the build process, somewhere I can't see, the references values are set.
I would like to change this value in order to test new control algorithms deployed in the drone.
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Mahmoud Elbeltagy
Mahmoud Elbeltagy on 19 Dec 2020
I am facing the same problem here, I have no clue where the signal is coming from. I changed the signal in the CMD subsystem and nothing happened, I chnaged it in the Flight controller and nothing happened. I just want to know how where the signal is coming from.

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Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 13 Nov 2017
To deploy reference position changes on to the drone you will have to make the reference value changes inside the flightControlSystem(FCS) block.
To do the same, you can navigate to the following subsystem in the asbQuadcopter model:
flightControlSystem/Flight Control System/flightController/Flight Controller
The reference values are held in ReferenceValueServerBus.
If you overwrite the existing values of X, Y, Z (maybe using a constant block), the reference value will accordingly be adjusted when you deploy on to the drone.
I hope that helps!

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