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Appdesigner: Using a app's method from another app

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Is it possible that an app's method can be called from another app? If yes how? Perhaps if it is added in the section: methods (Access = public)?

Accepted Answer

Randy Acheson
Randy Acheson on 8 Nov 2017
This can be done one of several ways.
1. You can load one app into another app as a variable, and access its methods that way. You can see an example of loading an app into another app in this example:
2. You can share application data using the 'setappdata' and 'getappdata' functions. You can refer to the documentation for how to use these functions:
3. If neither of these suffice, you can always save a method handle to the base workspace with the 'assignin' function and use it from there. You can refer to the documentation for this function here:

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