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How to video collage in matlab?

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EROL BICER on 14 Nov 2017
Answered: Maitreyee Mordekar on 27 Nov 2017
Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding post-processing. How can I collage 4 video files on a homogeneous grid and get one video (movie) file out? I attached a visual to give you a clear 'picture' of what I'd like to do. I want to do the same thing but a video file.
Thank you in advance.
EROL BICER on 27 Nov 2017
Dear Maitreyee, Just attached the picture. Thank you!

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Answers (2)

KSSV on 27 Nov 2017
YOu may see this as an I have used multiple plots into video.

Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 27 Nov 2017
Hi Erol,
You can have a look at this MATLAB Answer. You will probably have to create a Video Display in a Custom User Interface that requires the Computer Vision Toolbox.
I hope that helps!
Best, Maitreyee

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