How to display the data received on I2C on 7" touchscreen of Raspberry Pi

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Some data is being fetched by Raspberry Pi(master) from arduino(slave) over I2C. The data is been processed on simulink. Please guide me on how to display the processed data on the 7" touchscreen attached to the raspberry pi. The data has to be refreshed and displayed on the screen for every cycle the data is fetched by the raspberry pi.
Abhishek Kekud
Abhishek Kekud on 17 Nov 2017
I have figured it out that the display is connected serially to the raspberry pi. A serial write block from Support package for raspberry pi, helped me to send the data to the screen. The screen is displaying the output, repeated for many times. I want the output to be displayed only once and wait for next cycle where the data is fetched from the slaves and output to the serial write block.
Abhishek Kekud
Abhishek Kekud on 1 Dec 2017
Is there any way to develop a GUI on simulink and deploy it to RPi so that the GUI will display the real time values fetched on I2C.

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