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how to specify plotting axises in simulink?

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Fatma Abdullah
Fatma Abdullah on 21 Nov 2017
Commented: Fatma Abdullah on 21 Nov 2017
i have this code generated in "Matlab function" block in simulink:
if true
function pfa1 = fcn(c,p,t)
now when i use the "scope" block it automatically plots "pfa1" against "t" -t is set to be the time-, i want to plot "pfa1" against "T" how can i do that?
I've used the "XY" plotting block and set T to be an output alongside with pfa1 and used them both as inputs for XY block but i got dimension error
Fatma Abdullah
Fatma Abdullah on 21 Nov 2017
they are constants be "constant" block
c=2 p=1 and t is the time which is represented by "clock" block

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