R2017b Home: Missing uitree in appdesigner

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I just updated to R2017b (Home, Win10). From the release note I understood that the appdesigner supports uitree now. But it's not available in the app designers component library.
Have I overlooked something?

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Elizabeth Reese
Elizabeth Reese on 5 Dec 2017
The support for the uitree in MATLAB R2017b is for programmatic creation of the object. The component may be added to the App Designer Component Library in a future release. You can see an example of creating the uitree programmatically on the documentation page. If you want to get an exact position, you can try adding a different component (perhaps a uipanel) to the app and space it out how you like, then write down its Position in pixels to use for the created uitree.
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Brett Mather
Brett Mather on 11 Jan 2018
MathWorks should update the documentation here: https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/components-in-app-designer.html
It states: "Add, remove, and position components in your app using drag and drop operations."
It then continues on to list a uitree as a common component that could be added using App Designer drag and drop. Unfortunately this is not true.

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