How to plot the my timeseries so I have 12 plots (1 for each month) and years on the x axis with sst on the y axis?

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I'm trying to plot the the average sst for every month from 01-Jan-1984 to 01-Dec-2014 over the lat and lon specified in the code. Please help me make the code to make the acutal plot for each month (12 plots total).

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Elizabeth Reese
Elizabeth Reese on 7 Dec 2017
Just to rephrase, you are averaging sst over the dimensions for lat and lon within a certain range. Then create 12 plots for those averages changing year to year for a given month.
It looks like you are using times 26:386 instead of over all 431 timesteps in this data.
So, we can create a datetime array of those times.
ts = datetime(outtime_string(26:386,:));
Then loop through the months and create the plots.
for i=1:12
plot(ts.Year(ts.Month == i), sst_timeseries(ts.Month == i))
title(['Month ' num2str(i)])
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Lauren Arvai
Lauren Arvai on 7 Dec 2017
Does this code contain the loop also? I've been learning to code on my own so I'm not super knowledgeable in this area.

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