why the repeated number is lost?

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bing xu
bing xu on 6 Dec 2017
Commented: bing xu on 11 Dec 2017
I want to synchronize 95 time series data, the code is:
combination=combnk(1:95,2) *
for k=1:length(combination)* %% k equals 1:4465 %%
m=combination(k,1) %%% Here is the problem. since k=1:4465, I would suppose m has 4465 elements but it turns out just has 94 elements. I would like to know how can I make 'm' display all elements in combination(k,1) but not lost those repeated ones%%%
%%vts is a timeseries collection which contain all the 95 time series data%%
From my code I would suppose 'm equals every element in combination first column, which should be 4465 elements. but indeed, m equals 1:94 that is 94 elements. it auto ignore repeat number like 1 is repeated 95 times in combination. I do not how to make it. Please I would like to hear all your comments. Thank you.

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Elizabeth Reese
Elizabeth Reese on 8 Dec 2017
The k is what is looping up to 4465. The m value will take on all of the values in the first column of combination which is 1 through 94. Most of these numbers do repeat, so m will have the same value for multiple iterations of the loop while n changes. It is the pair of m and n that is the unique combination. You can look at combination in the Variable Window to confirm this.
If you are not seeing the output that you expect, I would step through the script using the debugger and check that tsa and tsb are assigned correctly and updated properly. Without having vts, I cannot check that.
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bing xu
bing xu on 11 Dec 2017
Thank you. I will do the debugger.

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