Transform a discontinuous function to continuous form

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Hi, I have a non-hermitian discontinuous function which looks as:
y(x) = sqrt(1/2) - e^(-2*i*x) *((sqrt(1/2)-(1/2)*cos(x) + (5^-28*x)*i)))
and because it is discontinuous in R given the the imaginary terms, I am wondering it there is any approach in MATLAB that can expand it as a series, or whether it can be transformed to be continuous in R?
Because it is quite complex, it is rather difficult to do a transform using Fourier on this, any suggestions are welcome!

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Elizabeth Reese
Elizabeth Reese on 8 Dec 2017
There are a few transforms available in the Symbolic Math Toolbox, but I am not sure that they would show you continuity or not.

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