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Visualising matlab results in PowerBI

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Azura Hashim
Azura Hashim on 17 Dec 2017
Answered: Viswanath on 28 Dec 2018
Is there a way of using PowerBI to visualise variables in the Matlab workspace, without having to write the data to a file or database?
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Viswanath on 20 Dec 2017
You can connect Power BI to MATLAB using the new 'custom data connector' feature available from PowerBI. Please contact  for additional information.

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Answers (3)

Viswanath on 28 Dec 2018
email if you have any questions.

Ben Drebing
Ben Drebing on 19 Dec 2017
As far as I know, you cannot access the values of variables in the MATLAB Workspace directly from PowerBI. I think that you will likely have to store these values somewhere like a file or database in order to access them.
What kind of visualization are you trying to do? There is a chance that you can create similar visualizations in MATLAB itself.
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Azura Hashim
Azura Hashim on 20 Dec 2017
Technically yes I can replicate the visualisation in Matlab, but it will be clunky, less interactive and take longer to set up compared to PowerBI.

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Dietmar Siegele
Dietmar Siegele on 27 Dec 2018
I'm also interested in getting data from MATLAB to Power BI.
Is there in the meantime an official documentation available?


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