Compiled application does not run because of startup plugin libmwlmgrimpl.dll

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I compiled a very simple application (R2017b) but it will not run. When I start it from the DOS prompt, it will return this message: "Fatal Internal Error: std::exception: Bundle#4 start failed: Loading C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2017b\bin\win64\matlab_startup_plugins\lmgrimpl\libmwlmgrimpl.dll failed with error: The operating system cannot execute %1."
Sometimes it is recommended to reinstall Matlab, which I did, but to no avail. I searched around for any other answers, but I didn't really find anything.
What comes to my mind: Why would a standalone executable with Matlab Runtime installed look for license dlls? In fact, "lmgrimpl" looks like something very license manager related to me, which clearly shouldn't happen on a deployed standalone application?
Stefan on 18 Dec 2017
Sounds like it is the way you put it, but why would the standalone exe look for a license that won't be there anyways on a PC where Matlab is not installed?

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Answers (1)

Ben Drebing
Ben Drebing on 20 Dec 2017
I have found, oddly enough, that this error can happen if you have out-of-date libraries, specifically ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll, in your Windows System32 directory. If this is the case, you have two options:
  1. Place a copy of MATLAB's SSLEAY32.DLL and LIBEAY32.DLL (from the bin\win64 directory) next to your standalone executable. The directory from which the application loaded has a higher priority than system32, so this should allow the application to use the DLLs which it needs, or
  2. Remove SSLEAY32.DLL and LIBEAY32.DLL from the system32 directory; the standalone can then use the one included with MATLAB. This may break other applications however which rely on the DLL being in system32. So, alternatively you may want to update SSLEAY32.DLL and LIBEAY32.DLL in the system32 directory, for example by replacing it with the copies included with MATLAB or perhaps you could update the application which installed this DLLs in the first place, if you know which application this was.
Marica dicamillo
Marica dicamillo on 3 Oct 2019
I had the same problem. Updating SSLEAY32.DLL and LIBEAY32.DLL in the system32 directory, my application makes it work. Thank you!

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