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Not able to display variables in the command line window from an app created by App Designer

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I am not able to display variable values in the command line windows from an uitable component using App Designer. Ways to display information, like using get() and disp(), or excluding the semi-colon, display no information whatsoever and no error messages.
Worth mentioning is that the startupFcn (which runs when starting the app) allows me to display variables in the command line window. But for some reason, this is not the case when I try to display variables during callback actions for the uitable nor in static class functions.
This issue makes the app development a lot more cumbersome. A workaround is to use the function statement assignin('base','varible_name',var) which outputs a variable to the base workspace with a given variable name, which in turn may be inspected in the variable view during runtime.
Perhaps there are other ways to inspect variables when using App Designer in a quick and easy way that I am not aware of? ...Or, perhaps there is a bug in uifigure, uitable or in the engine running the app?
Best regards, Didrik

Answers (1)

Ben Drebing
Ben Drebing on 11 Jan 2018
Unfortunately, this is a current limitation of MATLAB. But our development team is aware of this and looking into it!


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