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File Exchange and Add-On Explorer

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I recently uploaded a small toolbox on File Exchange. I thought that users would be able to find it and install it using the Add-On Explorer in MATLAB, but the toolbox does not show up there when I search for it. How do I make it appear in the Add-On Explorer?
Roy Kadesh
Roy Kadesh on 13 Jan 2018
Maybe it has something to do with the Matlab version. Do the users have 2017b?
Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen on 13 Jan 2018
I don’t think so. It doesn’t even appear in MATLAB R2017b on my own computer.

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Accepted Answer

Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen on 19 Feb 2018
The toolbox is now available in the Add-On Explorer, so I suppose the solution is to be (very) patient. Perhaps the Add-On index is only refreshed periodically or MathWorks has to approve new entries?

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Jan on 13 Jan 2018
You forgot to mention, where you look for this function. You can download the functions as ZIP file or as Toolbox. Do you select a folder for downloading or do you download into the default folder (if so, which one did you setup for this?)?
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Martin Andersen
Martin Andersen on 13 Jan 2018
I can install the Add-On manually by downloading it first and that works. However, it does not appear in the Add-On Explorer where you can search for Add-Ons.

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Jay Vaidya
Jay Vaidya on 4 Sep 2020
Please try to run the following in the MATLAB Command Window:
>> opengl software
And then try opening the Add on explorer again. It worked for me.
If that works, you can save the preference so that MATLAB always opens with Software OpenGL by running:
>> opengl('save','software')
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Rik on 13 Jul 2021
It doesn't look like this answer actually would solve the problem in the question. Please consider being a bit more selective when posting the same answer to multiple questions.

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