Reading a textfile with increment-RLE

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Azza Ahmed
Azza Ahmed on 12 May 2012
I have a large file that shows 5 different tasks that run every 1 microsecond. The text file consist of 5 different columns of repeated data on which they start with zeros and rise up to highest value and then gradually decrease again to reach a zero value {this is synchronized differently for each column} . During the run, an event to any of the tasks can happen at an interval of ~ every 10 microseconds by showing a change in these values along the column. I need to write a code that keep track of the time and the value when an event is triggered to the 5 columns. I understand I need to increment in my code so as not to take repeated values by I do not know how to do that , especially when my file is > 2GB. I found in one website that it is recommended to run length encoding for similar cases, but I do not understand how I can do that.
I will highly appreciate any help that I can find regarding this
Best wishes
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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 12 May 2012
I am sorry it's not clear what your immediate issue is. Try to break down the problem in small tasks and formulate a question.

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