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Can I change the specific cell in the uitable with a function I have created?

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Darren Koh
Darren Koh on 13 Feb 2018
Commented: Darren Koh on 19 Feb 2018
Hi there i have a function that i created and I want to display text in a specific cell/results column according to the function. Am i able to do this in guide? How do I choose a specific cell in 'data' to edit and set(handles.uitable .... ) back to my table? Thank you!


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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon on 16 Feb 2018
The following code snippet might help. Here I am replacing the data of one of the cell in the uitable (tag:uitable1).


Darren Koh
Darren Koh on 19 Feb 2018
Would it be possible for me to set a column to run a function and display a result? For example from what you said above and assuming my 'Results' is in column 3,
data{:,3} = myfuncA
If i wrote myfuncA to output text/numbers will it appear on uitable1 as intended?

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