plot 3d set of data(x,y,z) colored by the z coordinate

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Let's say: I have a set of data (x,y,z) containing 1000 points
[x1 y1 z1
x2 y2 z2
x3 y3 z3
xn yn zn]
I want to plot all points in 3d-coordinate and the contour is colored by z-coordinate value (as the below sample). How can I do that?

Accepted Answer

ha ha
ha ha on 13 Feb 2018
Edited: ha ha on 6 Apr 2018
You can test with the input data "Book1.txt" (~900points)
scatter3(P(:,1),P(:,2),P(:,3),9,P(:,3),'.'); %9 is the size of point
colormap(jet); % or other colormap
colorbar; % color bar
See the result:

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