Add-ons, Logging in etc Do Not Work - Linux installation

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I have intalled the latest version of matlab onto a Ubuntu machine. I also installed the support package available on the software library. Matlab works perfectly except certain function do not react at all. This includes using any add-on links, the add-on manager, trying to log in, or even use the request support etc buttons. They are clickable, but nothing happens.
Any help woudl be appreciated
N/A on 6 Jun 2019
Edited: N/A on 6 Jun 2019
@Simone Perriello's answer works and you may also need to install libxss from Arch core repositories. This missing dependency was found from Answer by Joakim Lindblad on 27 Feb 2018

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Joakim Lindblad
Joakim Lindblad on 27 Feb 2018
To get "Manage Add-Ons" to work: Run from matlab prompt:
>> cd(matlabroot)
>> cd bin/glnxa64
>> !./MATLABWindow -url= --disable-gpu
If it tells you '' is missing, then try to install it (I don't know where to find it on Ubuntu; on Gentoo I run 'emerge libselinux')
Joakim Lindblad
Joakim Lindblad on 30 Oct 2019
Ok, a year and so later, I'm back at the same problem. This time I got as output from:
!./MATLABWindow -url= --disable-gpu
./MATLABWindow: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: g_log_structured_standard
This was solved by
Then the Add-ons window worked, however, no typing! Gah!
Copy pasting stuff into the dialog boxes was enough for me...
Some internet sources say it works if you're root, but then my licence manager complained.
Luither Clark
Luither Clark on 24 Apr 2020
Another library that needs to be present is, which is installed by the libXScrnSaver package on RHEL 8.

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Rogier Delporte
Rogier Delporte on 13 Mar 2019
I'm having a similar issue: I can open the addon explorer and the sign in, but whenever I go to click on a textbox, I cannot fill out the field.
I've tried setting aside the libraries mentioned in, but that did not help at all.
I'm running Ubuntu 18.10, kernel 4.18.0-16-generic, MATLAB version (R2018b).
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yannick on 19 Mar 2019
I had the same issue, no textbox was working. Having started MATLAB with root privilege (sudo matlab) it works fine.
Hope that helps.

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Kirk Walla
Kirk Walla on 22 Jul 2019
I've encountered the same issue where the install update and sign in buttons were unresponsinve. I am on arch linux and after installing libselinux thinks started to work but now I have the following strange behaviour where whenever I press the button install updates it oscilates between R2018 update 2 and R2018 update 4 and it never goes beyond that in updating for instance to R2019a. I don't know is this the default behaviour or if something is not working completely.
If anyone has any ideas plz let me know. Thanks!

Kirk Walla
Kirk Walla on 22 Jul 2019
I had the same issue on arch linux and after installing libselinux things started to work but now if I press the install update button it oscilates between R2018 update 2 and R2018 update 4 without going beyond that, for instance in updating to R2019a. Is that normal behaviour? Thanks!

Jay Vaidya
Jay Vaidya on 4 Sep 2020
Please try to run the following in the MATLAB Command Window:
>> opengl software
And then try opening the Add on explorer again. It worked for me.
If that works, you can save the preference so that MATLAB always opens with Software OpenGL by running:
>> opengl('save','software')


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