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Publish error after editing publish.m

Asked by Mohammed Hammad on 19 Feb 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Matilda Jurado on 26 Sep 2018
After changing font size in (publish.m) using this method I got an error when I try to publish anything
Error using publish
The specified stylesheet,
does not exist.
Error in publish
Error in mdbpublish (line 55)
outputPath = publish(file,
Error using open (line 68)
NAME must contain a single string.
Version Matlab_R2016a on MAC High Sierra.
Please help


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1 Answer

Answer by Mohammed Hammad on 19 Feb 2018
 Accepted Answer

I found the solution.
Just I deleted (publish.p) from (User/Username/Documents/MATLAB)

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Where do you delete this?

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