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Efficient self-referential loop using GPU

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Damiano Capocci
Damiano Capocci on 25 Feb 2018
Commented: Damiano Capocci on 27 Feb 2018
I have lots of problems using for in GPU computing becuse it take a huge amount of time (as u know). My kind of loop is particular because the step n depends from n-1 n-2 .... n-m. Here is the code which gives the idea of problem:
X(1)= 1;
for k=1:len_1
for p=0:min(k-1,len_2)
For CPU is all ok but if I put
I have trouble with time. I tried using arrayfun but thre is no way to realize the "previous-steps-dependence". So please help me.


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Chandani Madnani
Chandani Madnani on 27 Feb 2018
What is 'j' in this line X(k+1)=X(k+1)+j(p+1)*X(k-p) ? What is the exact code that you have tried ? Any error messages while using gpuArray ?

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Damiano Capocci
Damiano Capocci on 27 Feb 2018
Thank you for the answer:
1) j is an usual vector. Here on this ask i've written this kind of code but the second for can be omitted using the convolution because that operation is a convolution (in fact i realize a convlution using ifft(fft(X)*fft(j)).
2)I don't receive an error message but the amount of time required for the process is huge! So i want to try an other way to do this.
However this is the new version of the core code:
for k=1:len-1

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